our projects

Our Projects

Each project is unique since situations and needs of a client are also unique.

Terms and requirements of each product will be customized according to the client.

Users' Manual and training for the personnel are included in each project.

Pawnshop System

entire pawnshop management system including the cashiering, inventory, computations, and monitoring over many branches all over the Philippines accessed through the internet

Educational Management System

monitoring and management of all the processes involved in the education system including enrollment, uploading of files, record-keeping, payment of tuition and other fees, and giving of report cards which can be accessed by students and parents through the internet

Accounting System

system covering the entire accounting cycle and recording and generating the transactions, ledgers, financial statements, and balance sheets

Payroll and Timekeeping

monitoring and management of the attendance of employees and key individuals, including the specific time, leaves, lates, absences, and commissions, that will generate their corresponding salary

Order Management System

purchasing, ordering, monitoring, recording, and inventory of goods and products such as for a restaurant synchronized live through computers, mobile phones, or tablets

grameen microfinance system
Grameen Microfinance System

full integration of management, monitoring, and accounting of data and finances of a Microfinance organization including management within the organization and transacting with clients in different locations

Manufacturing Management System

monitoring and management of the entire manufacturing process beginning from the procurement and ordering until the checking and reporting of raw materials, goods, and products

Golf and Country Club Management System

monitoring and management of an entire golf and country club including the records of members and the date and time of their activities, status of their membership and guests, and the products and services they avail

Human Resource Information System

organized database of human resource containing the demographics, experiences, and timeline of each personnel together with convenient uploading of documents and photos