What We Do

What We Do

PhilIT System Design Solutions Co. is an active agent of digital transformation.


We develop custom solutions because we believe that each business, institution, and organization is unique and has unique attributes–strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, the perfect system to address all their needs is also a unique system. By integrating sustainability, reliability, and security in the custom developed systems, we create not only technological solutions but a long-term business process management system.


We work together with clients to also establish a digital culture which supplements the technological tools to ensure that digital transformation is realized–the social and technological aspect shall go hand in hand. All of which contribute to advance towards easier, more efficient and more effective management and monitoring, stability, and progress thus, being future-ready. 


Accessibility and accuracy of data likewise become part of the digital transformation. This is done through precise impact analytics and rules engineering incorporated within the system, which means that every single detail and the relationship of each detail with one another in the business can be monitored accurately leading to the generation of a detail-oriented report and analytics, which may also be utilized for data-driven decision-making.


Our products and services include full automation systems, system integration solutions, custom softwares, web-based applications, system fix, network configuration, and consultation. Each product comes with different users suitable for different roles and positions, user’s manuals, and training for the personnel that will use the system.