Cloud Computing in the Philippines

cloud computing in the philippines

Facebook, Messenger, Lazada, TikTok, GCash, Grab—our society functions with high reliance on cloud computing without us realizing it. And organizations that do not adapt now are at risk of being too late every passing day.

But first, what is cloud computing? It is the availability and accessibility of operations, functions, and services through the cloud, also referred to as the internet, made possible by servers, storage, applications, databases, and the like based on the cloud thus allowing for remote access. Applications that we can access on our mobile phones and web browsers are implementations of cloud computing.

Here in the Philippines, the social media capital of the world, it has already made its entry through media, e-commerce, and BPOs, and continues to grow, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic through banking and virtual jobs, among others.

Cloud computing in the Philippines is highly integrated into the daily life functions of the people, and the trend is directed toward its expansion to more segments both in businesses and the public sector as manifested in the launch of big local data centers in the Philippines including the Pilipinas Cloud, the first sovereign cloud of the Philippines, AWS Local Zone in Manila, and Alibaba Cloud Data Center.

Not only do these innovations pave the way for faster digital transformation but also for cheaper, more efficient, and more accessible ways to provide products and services to customers and a subsequent easier path for big businesses to be able to expand to more products and bigger markets, at the same time, for small businesses and startups to have affordable tools to conduct business.

10 years ago, the seemingly instant boom of the internet sounded unlikely and now, the trend of growth is yet to increase exponentially. The choice to engage in digital transformation and cloud computing is either now or later. More importantly, cloud computing may now appear like an option but is evolving to be an indispensable commodity.

The future starts now.

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