Why is the Philippines Lagging in Progress?

Philippines lagging in progress

Unfortunately, empathy does not bring food to the table. In the same way, this does not protect the future of the next generation.

Why is the Philippines lagging in progress?

Is it a resource issue? No. We are a country rich in natural resources.

Is it a skill issue? No. Filipinos are skilled and intelligent workers. 

Is it a cultural issue? Probably.

We, Filipinos, are known for our hospitality, empathy, and resilience. Even in times of disaster and even towards strangers, our good intentions and good attitude are lauded. However, good intention is not the key to pursue progress and productivity. As much as it is true that good intentions can touch hearts and fuel the core of positive impact, it will not be critical in an expansive sustainable development. 

Rather, it is action. Productivity is critical in progress. The roadmaps, missions and visions, among all other plans and directions will not contribute to development if they will not be implemented. As much as they are not meaningless, it is the action and not the vision that will bring food to the table, secure the future of education and profession of the next generation, and champion a legacy that will withstand the test of time.

Good intentions are not enough. It is high time we prioritize productivity.
In today’s fast-paced and globalized society and economy, the future starts now. We should abandon mindsets that do not bring our goals to fruition and shift our focus, accepting that it is action and cooperation that will bring our mission to life.

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