Hedera Hashgraph as the Church of the Humanists

hedera as church philippines

The Role of the Church

Churches define the truth for its religious believers. They diligently study and understand the teachings of their religion and interpret these in relation to current events and scenarios together with prescribed actions that can be deemed moral and ethical, especially in difficult dilemmas. They serve as a reminder, guide, or companion in ensuring that a believer lives a life according to their values in order to be worthy of promised rewards. 

What is a Humanist?

Humanists believe that we should strive to live a good life for ourselves and for others, such that we exert conscious effort to make society just, democratic, humane, and compassionate. The foundation of the beliefs of humanists lie on logical and reasonable interpretations from life events. While their actions are dedicated for the good of people and events due to the belief that this is the only life that we have for certain. Humanism is founded on human experiences and relies on human effort.

Weakness of the Church

In the course of history and as modern times progress, the Church, as an institution, is not exempted from weaknesses and differences. Examples are seen in instances like different factions of Christianity, creation of Vatican II, and increase in the number of atheists, among others. And between factors involved, the differences in interpretation of what the truth is greatly influences disagreements and weaknesses especially, in interpreting the actual meaning of the gospel and how they are to relate to life scenarios and problems at present. Another vulnerability is concerned with communicating this interpretation of the truth in society and competing with new and emerging developments and ideas. This is understandable, however, mainly because of the inherent complexity of life and of religious teachings. But, regardless of reasons for believing in religion and church, these weaknesses if they continue to persist could contribute to the deterioration of the church. 

Hedera Hashgraph as the Church of Humanists

What Hedera Hashgraph offers is transparency and the truth; it also paves the way for the universal ability to verify the truth through its gossip of gossips mechanism. This not only gives focus on what situation has transpired but also considers who is involved, when it happened, and what happened before it, which puts into perspective the big picture. It also adds another layer of verification which involves not only one but multiple stakeholders to confirm occurrence and truthfulness of an event. Lastly, whatever recorded is already stored and very difficult to reverse, revise, or deny therefore, providing timelessness in the account of history and the truth. 

This complete and verified big picture of what has happened in the past gives humanists a  common version of historical events less influenced by different perspectives and personal biases. This, then, becomes an account of the absolute truth about a certain event and series of events, and can serve as a strong reference in understanding what life is and understanding people better. This reference is not only strong but is also more accurate which is a more reliable basis in determining prescribed actions towards good life for all.

An accurate and timeless version of the absolute truth is the best interpretation, inspiration, guide, and companion of humanists to remain true to their commitment to humanity even and especially in difficult situations thus, serving as a strong church.

Nevertheless, Hedera Hashgraph as a church is not exclusive for humanists alone but the awareness about the truth in life that this can provide is relevant to several religions specifically in actualizing the meaning and purpose of life.

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